Homeworld: Machaan, Ellia (The Machaan Empire)
Population: 7,000,000,000
Star-born Date: 23242 gsd
Sexes: Female, Male (non-sexual)

Lifespan: Deathless | Vision: Highly Variable
Height: Highly Variable | Weight: Highly Variable
Skin: Highly Variable | Eyes: None | Hair: None
Diet: Highly Variable | Sleep: Highly Variable | Body Temp.: Endothermic

Organization & Culture
The Machaani (singular Machaan) are a technologically advanced but dying race. Hailing from the Ellia system, they have traveled the stars for over 5500 years. They were relatively peaceful, though they did fight a prolonged war with the Orgoks to resist enslavement. Instead of war, they preferred trade, and through this vast amount of interstellar trade in both resources and technology, they became exceedingly wealthy. However, at the height of their power (roughly 2500 years ago), a plague began to spread throughout their territories. The long incubation period of the disease (nearly 3 years) ensured that most of the Machaani population was infected before they began to see symptoms. The disease caused their muscles to atrophy and decay at an alarming rate. Unable to find a cure, the Machaani took drastic measures. Their scientists had been researching stasis technology which would allow for the preservation of live and conscious specimens, and with a few modifications the technology was adapted to keep the only unaffected part of their bodies – the brain – alive. Those who were able, had their brains extracted and placed in stasis pods, which – thanks to advanced Machaani neuro-technology – could then be attached to robotic bodies to act as the machine’s CPU, effectively giving the decaying Machaani new bodies.

The process, however, meant that, while the Machaani could live indefinitely, they could never again propagate their species. There have also been growing accounts of bizarre Machaani activity, resembling advanced stages of insanity. Scientists have hypothesized that this behavior is a result of the brain’s inability to deal with living forever. While it is alive and functional, they believe that the mental processes have gradually become more and more scattered, resulting in the observed behavior.


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