Homeworld: Core, Hellon (The Kordec Empire)
Population: 29,500,000,000
Star-born Date: 23449 gsd
Sexes: Female, Male (non-sexual)

Lifespan: Deathless | Vision: Highly Variable
Height: Highly Variable | Weight: Highly Variable
Skin: Highly Variable | Eyes: None | Hair: None
Diet: Highly Variable | Sleep: Highly Variable | Body Temp.: Endothermic

Organization & Culture
The Kordecai (singular Kordec) are the age old enemies of the Machaani. Both empires rose to power at the same time (roughly 2500 years ago), and they managed to mainly maintain peaceful, though shaky relations with one another. However, when the plague began to ravage the Machaani, the Kordecai saw their opportunity to overthrow their neighbors and launched a massive sneak attack on Machaan space.

Kordec scientists believed that the disease which plagued the Machaani was specific to their race and that the Kordecai would be immune to its effects. They were right for the first year of the war; however, shortly thereafter the disease mutated into something quite different. It preyed on the nervous system of the Kordecai, causing loss of bodily control, dementia, and ultimately death. The incubation period for the disease was a little under 2 years, so much of the population was contaminated before any symptoms were seen.

Unlike the Machaani, whose brains were unaffected by the disease, the Kordecai had to quickly come up with some means to preserve their race without actually saving their brains, which were also diseased. Though unpopular with nearly everyone, the only plan which could be enacted in time was the downloading of all of the knowledge, personality, and various quirks from the brains of as many Kordecai as possible. Thanks to their advanced neuro-technology this process could be accomplished with relative ease. The information from each individual was then placed in a separate robotic body, effectively creating a duplicate of the individual. Kordec Artificial Intelligence had evolved to such a point that they had created what appeared to be fully sentient artificial constructs. Of course, this method of preservation was unpopular because it did not actually save the organic Kordecai from their eventual deaths. It preserved their personalities, even to the extent that individual Kordecai maintain actions correspondent to their prior sex (male or female) and social standing, as well as pursue activities (recreation, sex, etc.) which are technically obsolete in their new bodies.

In the years following this change to robotic forms, the remnants of the organic Kordecai have died, leaving only the mechanical versions of their former selves. Unlike the Machaani, the Kordecai have been able to continue their race through the duplication of existing central consciousnesses. In fact, they are more numerous now than they have ever been. This means, of course, that many of their population have personalities and knowledge bases which are exactly the same as other members of their race. Though they may not qualify true sentient beings by some criteria, the Kordecai are considered equal to any sentient organic life form by all of the galaxy’s major governments.

Like the Machaani, Kordec CPUs can be removed from one body and placed in another with no negative effect on the CPU itself.


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