Homeworld: Bora, Nai (The Trilli Republic)
Population: 30,800,000,000
Star-born Date: 25984 gsd
Sexes: Female, Male (sexual)

The Trilli (singular Trillic) are a race which has been star-faring for quite a while but has never gained much recognition. Partly, this is how they like it, as they are a somewhat frail and small race (both in stature and in population) and recognition could bring their ultimate destruction. They prefer instead to find their own small niches in intergalactic society and stay out of sight. Their natural skills with all sorts of technology often lead them to lives as engineers and scientists.

Speed: 5 | Size: Small
Strength (+2) | Constitution (+2) | Agility (+15) | Dexterity (+15)
Charisma (+15) | Intelligence (+10) | Willpower (+10) | Perception (+10)
Hit Points (+0) | Close Combat (+0) | Marksmanship (+0) | Focus (+0) | Natural Armor Value (+0)
Traits: Lucky (Minor)
Special: Trilli may choose the Biomodified trait

Lifespan: 114 years | Vision: 180° Visible Color
Height: 1.22m (f), 1.27m (m) | Weight: 30kg (f), 33kg (m)
Skin: Pale to Dark Brown/Grey | Eyes: Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Purple | Hair: Black, Blonde, Brown, Grey, Red, White
Diet: Omnivore, 900 kcal/day | Sleep: 8 hrs/day | Body Temp.: 36°C, Endothermic

Organization & Culture
They are generally good natured people who don’t seem to mind being pushed around a little bit: either that or they know that they cannot stop others from pushing them around. They make up for this by being jokers of the highest order, and their mechanical and computer skills have allowed them to have immense amounts of fun at the expense of the other races.

Their homeworld, Bora, is a quiet, idyllic place: a mixture of architecture and nature. It is, however, not without its defenses, which are some of the best in the known galaxy. Orbital platforms, as well as ground emplacements act as deterrents to those who might start hungering for conquest.


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