The Princess Danae

The crew has been without work for some time, so when they got a message from their old friend Ajen Di’Aca, a Gorrian known and trusted by the captain, they were excited for the chance to make a bit of money. Ajen says that he found a client looking to transport some small but valuable merchandise via a private contractor. He has lauded the crew as fast, reliable, and professional and has been asked by the client to contact the crew.

The reward: 250,000ç
The pickup point: Cruiseliner The Princess Danae
The dropoff: Eunessa’s moon, Orreth
The goods: Unknown

The client has paid for the crew’s tickets onto the liner as well as their living arrangements while on board. Once on board, they are to meet with a representative who knows where the ship holding the goods is docked. The crew is then to make contact with the holders of the goods and transport them back to their own ship. Six days after the liner jumps to the Boreal Ice Field, it will dock at Tanheim Outpost, orbiting Eunessa, to refuel. Here they will leave the liner and transport the goods to the installation for pickup by authorized persons. In order to return in time, it is imperative that they leave the liner as soon as possible after docking.

Eunessa to Orreth: 377,000km
Cruise Speed: 27km/s
Travel Time: 3.95h

Character Creation
Players are free to play as any race. Provided they are able to justify living lives on the fringes of society and are willing to occasionally (or frequently) break the law, any backstory will do. The crew should be able to fill the following roles: Captain (social skills & scoundrel knowledge), Pilot (flying: space & atmo, driving), Mechanic (mechanics & electronics). Additionally, they may find it useful to have any of the following: medic, merc, hacker, sneak.

The Princess Danae

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