Sauri Na

Homeworld: Orridis, Jor’Anak (The Frontier)
Population: 17,300,000,000
Star-born Date: 24011 gsd
Sexes: Female, Male (sexual)

The Sauri-Na (singular Sauri-Na) are one of the few star-faring races who have never actually discovered the secrets of space travel. Enslaved by the Orgoks hundreds of years ago, they were shipped all over the galaxy as slaves, because they were easy to control, learned quickly, and were resilient enough to work in hazardous environments. When the Orgok Empire fell, the Sauri-Na found themselves spread throughout the stars.

Speed: 4.5 | Size: Medium
Strength (+10) | Constitution (+20) | Agility (+6) | Dexterity (+6)
Charisma (+10) | Intelligence (+6) | Willpower (+6) | Perception (+10)
Hit Points (+10) | Close Combat (-6) | Marksmanship (-12) | Focus (-12) | Natural Armor Value (+6)
Traits: Immune to Poison(Minor)
Special: Sauri-Na may distribute Experience to Attribute Focus: Natural Armor Value at a rate of 1/1

Lifespan: 193 years | Vision: 180° Visible Monochrome
Height: 1.66m (f), 1.62m (m) | Weight: 145kg (f), 132kg (m)
Skin: Light to Dark Brown or Brown/Red; significantly lighter head | Eyes: Blue, Orange, Yellow | Hair: None
Diet: Herbivore, 3100 kcal/day | Sleep: 10 hrs/day | Body Temp.: 25°C, Endothermic

Organization & Culture
All attempts at establishing a central government on their homeworld have failed, and their homeworld is actually a fairly primitive place unable to even send objects into space. They rely completely on other races for interstellar travel. However, the other races, particularly the Gorrians, seem more than happy to take the Sauri-Na along with them as hired hands, for the same reasons that they were originally enslaved by the Orgoks: they learn quickly and are resilient enough to undertake hazardous assignments.

Individuals are generally good natured, kind, and curious, and they enjoy social interaction wherever they can find it.

Sauri Na

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