Homeworld: Thoth, Haedris (The Borderworld Confederation)
Population: 11,500,000,000
Star-born Date: 28991 gsd
Sexes: Female, Male (sexual)

Lifespan: 90 years | Vision: 270° Visible Color
Height: 1.72m (f) 1.72 (m) | Length: 3.51m (f) 3.38m (m) | Weight: 163kg (f) 159kg (m)
Skin: Medium to Dark Blue/Black or Purple/Black | Eyes: Black | Hair: None
Diet: Omnivore, 3800kcal/day | Sleep: 4 hrs/day | Body Temp.: 35°C, Ectothermic

Organization & Culture
A bizarre race hailing from the Borderworlds, the Raazelael (singular Raazel, pronounced rahz-AYL) are believed to be distant relatives of the hated Harrn. Like the Harrn, the Raazelael are capable of manipulating their own bodies to adapt to their situation; however, unlike their cousins, they are incapable of assimilating the DNA of others into their own. There is also no collective Raazel consciousness; in fact, Raazelael are notoriously individualistic, which may be one reason that they have never established a central government on their homeworld.

Though they maintain their snakelike bodies, their hide and arms in particular are very malleable, allowing them to take on a plethora of shapes and functions. It is not uncommon for a Raazel to arm itself with any number of natural weapons designed to slash, crush, or melt their foes. In fact, some seem capable of mutating weapons which utilize their naturally acidic excretions as projectiles or as added coating to melee weapons.

As individuals, they are wholly self-seeking, with little conception of the rights of others, personal boundaries, or etiquette. They are vicious creatures, and they tend toward professions in which they can act in a vicious manner. As they feel little pain, they do not comprehend the amount of pain they are capable of causing others. Needless to say, the Raazelael are feared and mistrusted throughout the galaxy.

Hailing from the jungle planet Thoth, in the Haedris system, the Raazelael were a fairly small civilization, as the harsh climate and dangerous surroundings make the life expectancy on their homeworld rather low. Since their invention of space travel, however, they have flourished. No longer at constant risk of premature death at the hands of the plethora of dangers present on Thoth, they have discovered that they are actually quite resilient in comparison to most of the other races of the galaxy.

Over the past 50 years, the Raazel population has doubled, and scientists and historians suggest that at this rate, the Raazelael could become the next great empire to arise in the galaxy. Their inability to unify themselves under a single leader or regime is the only thing stopping them from becoming a truly powerful people.


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