Homeworld: Modroc, Mor (The Ur Amon Combine)
Population: 7,100,000,000
Star-born Date: 27700 gsd
Sexes: Female, Male (sexual)

Hailing from a highly acidic planet, the Modrocai (singular Modroc) are poorly suited for survival in the galaxy. Their home planet Modroc is a ball of ice surrounded in thick gasses, dangerous to all but the native inhabitants. Outside of the safety of their ships, they must wear hazardous environment suits or they will die, from lack of breathable air, exposure to foreign pathogens, and the intense temperatures for which their bodies are unsuited (average Modrocai body temperature is 39ºF). Underneath their enviro-suits, the Modrocai are a thin, somewhat frail race of humanoids. They possess a handsomeness and grace similar to that often ascribed to aged Human males.

Speed: 5.5 | Size: Medium
Strength (+2) | Constitution (+2) | Agility (+10) | Dexterity (+10)
Charisma (+18) | Intelligence (+18) | Willpower (+18) | Perception (+18)
Hit Points (+2) | Close Combat (+0) | Marksmanship (+0) | Focus (+0) | Natural Armor Value (+0)
Traits: None
Special: Methane Breather

Lifespan: 118 years | Vision: 180° Visible Monochrome, Lowlight
Height: 1.84m (f), 1.80m (m) | Weight: 74kg (f), 68kg (m)
Skin: Pale to Light Blue | Eyes: Blue, Orange | Hair: Brown, Red
Diet: Herbivore, 1700 kcal/day | Sleep: 8 hrs/day | Body Temp.: 18°C, Endothermic

Organization & Culture
Despite their limitations, the Modrocai have made a name for themselves as excellent traders and creative scientists. Recent contact and trade with the Gorrians has also provided an inexpensive source of the gasses necessary for Modroc life, which were previously only available from the planet Modroc itself and were rationed strictly by the government for fear of making their homeworld unlivable.


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