Homeworld: Gorrian, Lodrah Ki (The Gorrian Empire)
Population: 134,800,000,000
Star-born Date: 27762 gsd
Sexes: Female, Male (sexual)

One of the youngest of the star-faring races, the Gorrians have only been traveling the galaxy for 1700 years, but in that time they have spread themselves throughout the stars. While short lived (an average lifespan being only 68 years), the Gorrians reproduce in vast numbers, learn quickly, and are incredibly adaptable.

An ambitious people desiring to carve out their own portion of the galaxy, they are not above going to war to get what they want; however, due to their lower level of technology than many of the other races, they have tended to avoid large scale confrontations. They are most effective in ground based warfare, where their speed and thick hides give them an edge over most opponents.

Speed: 7 | Size: Medium
Strength (+0) | Constitution (+16) | Agility (+20) | Dexterity (+10)
Charisma (+10) | Intelligence (+10) | Willpower (+6) | Perception (+10)
Hit Points (+0) | Close Combat (+0) | Marksmanship (+0) | Focus (+0) | Natural Armor Value (+4)
Traits: Quick Learner (Minor)
Special: Gorrians may choose the Biomodified trait
Special: Gorrians may distribute Experience to Attribute Focus: Natural Armor Value at a rate of 2/1

Lifespan: 68 years | Vision: 180° Visible Color
Height: 1.88m (f), 1.92m (m) | Weight: 82kg (f), 86kg (m)
Skin: Light to Dark Brown; mottled with Orange or Yellow (f) Brown or Red (m) | Eyes: Black, Orange, Red, Yellow | Hair: None
Diet: Omnivore, 1500 kcal/day | Sleep: 9 hrs/day | Body Temp.: 40°C, Ectothermic

Organization & Culture
Fortunately for the Gorrians, the collapse of the Machaan and Kordec empires prior to their discovery of star travel allowed for them to occupy a large number of systems without confronting a major galactic power. However, despite the avoidance of war on a large scale, the Gorrians have made their share of enemies. The Machaani in particular are bitter toward the Gorrians, as much of the Gorrian Empire was previously a part of their empire. They see the Gorrians as vultures come to pick the bones of their ill fortune.

Individually, Gorrians are very social creatures, much like humans; however, their conniving nature is even more pronounced than that of their human counterparts. They have become known throughout the galaxy as schemers of the highest order, so it is no wonder that most companies and militaries have one or more Gorrians as consultants, strategists, or counsel members.

Many of the other races find their lack of clothing somewhat disconcerting, but as the Gorrians have no external genitalia and their skin is more resistant to abrasions and heat than most cloth, they tend to prefer to wear little or nothing. However, when interacting with other races, the Gorrians have found that wearing clothing helps them fit in, so they often don such attire as is appropriate.


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