Homeworld: Dhegar, Aelthus (The Interstellar Peoples Republic)
Population: 12,500,000,000
Star-born Date: 27613 gsd
Sexes: Female, Male (sexual)

As a people, the Dhegaran’s are large and fairly intelligent beings. It is widely accepted that they were one of the most technologically advanced races prior to the discovery of interstellar travel, and since becoming a part of the interstellar community they have contributed greatly to many important technological advancements. Being a people built for strength, rather than speed, their technology represents this. Their ships, while slow, are armored behemoths with a propensity to keep running despite sustaining massive amounts of damage. Very few things made by the Dhegarans could be considered delicate.

Speed: 4.5 | Size: Large
Strength (+20) | Constitution (+10) | Agility (-10) | Dexterity (-10)
Charisma (+10) | Intelligence (+15) | Willpower (+15) | Perception (+10)
Hit Points (+25) | Close Combat (+0) | Marksmanship (+0) | Focus (+0) | Natural Armor Value (+0)
Traits: None
Special: Dhegarans may choose the Null trait

Lifespan: 177 years | Vision: 180° Visible Color
Height: 2.08m (f), 2.11m (m) | Weight: 141kg (f), 157kg (m)
Skin: Pale to Dark Grey| Eyes: Blue, Grey | Hair: None
Diet: Omnivore, 3300 kcal/day | Sleep: 6 hrs/day | Body Temp.: 35°C, Endothermic

Organization & Culture
By the time that they were discovered by the Humans in 27544, the Dhegarans had already colonized their entire home system and had a sizable space fleet. Most of their resources, however, were being used in an ongoing civil war: fueled by deep rooted ethnic hatred which had been present as far back as anyone could remember. In fact, it was the arrival of the Humans, and eventual war with them, that finally united the Dhegaran people under one government, as they were forced to unite or be destroyed by another people entirely.

Despite eventually uniting, they were conquered by the Human Kukirix Corporation in 27653 and only regained control of their homeworld when it was given back to them after major shifts in power within the Corporation’s government.


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